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From ancient times, Greeks have been a seafaring people travelling the world in search of new horizons and opportunities far from their homeland. Since the time of Homer the Hellenic tradition of storytelling has been deeply embedded in the Greek psyche. The stories you will hear and read on this website are a rich testimony of myriad experiences of Greek migrants from all walks of life, who are now part of Australian mainstream society where Greeks have made significant contributions to our nation’s cultural diversity.

The Greek Migration Experience (Oral histories of Greek migrants in South Australia during the 20th century) is a compilation of interviews and transcripts which have been produced and conducted by OEEGA (The Organisation of Hellene and Hellene-Cypriot Women of Australia, SA Inc) in 2012-2013 and is funded by the Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program 2012 – Sharing Community Heritage Stories.

The following organisations and individuals played a significant role in the completion of this project and deserve thanks:

Peter Kolomitsev, Silver Moon, David Smids.

June Edwards
President OHAA (SA/NT Branch)


Bill Frangos

Interview with Bill Frangos
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Antonios Lysikatos

Interview with Antonios Lysikatos

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George Stavrinakis

Interview with George Stavrinakis

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Dimos Hronopoulos

Interview with Dimos Hronopoulos

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Konstantinos Panagaris

Interview with Konstantinos Panagaris

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Professor Michael Tsianikas

Interview with Professor Michael Tsianikas

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