Excellence on Oral History award – Christeen Schoepf

/ June 6, 2024/ Awards

Congratulations to our very own Chris Schoepf who was awarded the Excellence in Oral History award at the History Council of SA award ceremonies on May 31.

Chris has published books for local historical groups, peer-reviewed journal articles, oral history discovery interviews, media interviews and content for ‘Story Towns’ podcasts. Her events and exhibitions include the curation of the ‘Community Zone’ at the acclaimed Spirit of Anzac events held in South Australia during the Armistice celebrations, over a dozen ‘Cheer-Up Hut’ recreations and associated events, and SA History Festival exhibits.

With a dedicated team, Christeen Schoepf has been a driving force behind the establishment of the ‘Story-Lab’ recording studio in the Pt Pirie Museum Complex to capture and save local oral histories.

Fantastic effort and well done, Chris!

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