2020 Oral History Grant Scheme

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The Lizzie Russell Oral History Grant Scheme


This grant scheme aims to foster small oral history initiatives in South Australia and the Northern Territory and is open to financial members of Oral History Australia SA/NT.

Oral History Australia South Australia/Northern Territory wishes to support, assist and help develop oral history  projects in these states. The grant scheme is funded by sales of the Oral History Handbook by Beth M. Robertson.

We hope that the scheme fills a gap left by the closure of many federal and state funding options and helps revive an important means of recording South Australia’s and the Northern Territory’s history.  We encourage all prospective oral historians to join our Association so that we can help fulfil these objectives.

In 2020, three grants will be offered: two grants of up to $1500, and a special student grant of $500.

Who Can Apply?

Applications are invited from individuals, community groups and voluntary organisations who are financial members of Oral History Australia SA/NT.  The special grant of $500 is available only to student members of the Association whose study involves oral history.

What Can Be Funded?

Suitable oral history projects may include:

  • Community or family history
  • Historical displays that include oral histories
  • History of an organisation
  • Identifying through the use of oral history the significance of museum objects for interpretation and/or conservation
  • A particular subject area, e.g. music
  • Creative community arts projects, e.g. oral history projects leading to dance or theatre productions.

The student grant only can be used to fund an oral history project, or related equipment, travel, workshop registration costs, or conference registration.

The national committee of Oral History Australia recognises that we are working in difficult and exceptional circumstances at present. For this reason, the SA/NT Association encourages members who are unable to record face-to-face interviews at this time to explore a range of options and to discuss their plans with us prior to applying for the Grant.

Applicants may wish to defer their interviews until 2021, for example, or plan projects in which existing oral history interviews are transcribed, or edited to make a podcast, or used to develop a virtual or real display for a museum, library or community facility. Alternatively, they may decide to undertake remote interviews. The latter option should be thoroughly researched to ensure that high quality interviews will still be recorded if possible, and the reasons for your decisions should be made explicit in your application. If people wish to undertake remote interviews, the UK Oral History Society has some excellent guidelines that they can follow. The guidelines can be found here: https://www.ohs.org.uk/advice/covid-19/

The national Oral History Australia recommendations and guidelines regarding Covid-19 can be found here: https://www.oralhistoryaustralia.org.au/article/oha-coronavirus-update

Please contact our President, Dr Annmarie Reid, via her email address if you wish to discuss your application prior to submitting it: presidentohasant@gmail.com

How can I apply?

Applications must be made on the official application form.  You can download the application form as a Word document or a pdf document.

Details about assessment criteria and what cannot be funded are included on the form.

Please submit completed application forms by 1 September, 2020. E-mail submissions to the SA/NT Association’s email address contact@oralhistoryaustraliasant.org.au.

Lizzie Russell Oral History Grant Recipients

Past recipients of the Lizzie Russell grants have included:
  • Leila Kasprzak
  • Dr Sally Stephenson
  • National Railway Museum
  • Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum
  • Russian Ethnic Representative Council
  • Coober Pedy Historical Society
  • Rocky River ‘Riters
  • Macclesfield Butter and Cheese Factory
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