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1940- Johnny Marchioro

Johnny talks about his family connection to the market gardens on Frogmore Road and Bolivar.

SLSA: OH 872/1

This interview was conducted by Madeleine Regan, 21 July 2008


time description
00:00 Introduction: Johnny’s family background and his early years, overview of his life in market gardens
00:19 Growing up in a market gardening family in the 1940s and selling vegetables at market; experience of family during World War II; memories of schooling and friends
04:56 Only spoke Italian at home, didn't speak English till Flinders Park Primary school.
05:50 Johnny’s father’s first years in Adelaide and marriage by proxy to his mother, her arrival in Adelaide 1937/1938
08:32 Closeness with neighbouring Italian families when Johnny’s father was sent away during World War II and train carriage used as family accommodation
12:00 Size of land, owners and market gardeners’ leaseholds at Frogmore Road
14:26 Memories of his family moving to Lockleys, moving 14 glasshouses
17:29 Description of market gardens on Frogmore Road
23:06 1950s and changes to land ownership; market gardeners purchasing land
25:14 Early married life of Johnny’s parents up to 1949 and relatives, leaving Frogmore Road to buy land at Lockleys and start market garden
27:31 Johnny describes working with his father from 16 years old, acquisition of additional glasshouse, selling vegetables at market
30:37 Processes involved in making seed, planting, growing, pruning, picking and preparing vegetables for sale at market – working with both his parents in the glasshouses
33:35 First job after leaving school, playing sport including League Football for West Torrens 1959 – 1963, balancing sport with work in the market gardens and the hard work in the glasshouses
39:03 Johnny describes his brother’s experience of polio and his working life
40:00 Johnny describes the neighbourhood of White Avenue Lockleys from 1949, building of the new family home, other market gardens and growers in the area. Processes involved in selling produce in Melbourne
41:06 1945 incident at the market gardens at Findon that led to the parent’s decision to move to Lockleys – theft of 300 pounds. Lessons learned from parents.
46:15 Johnny’s marriage to Eleonora in 1965, their work to establish their market garden at Bolivar with 21 glasshouses, family life, 38 – 40 years of working as market gardeners at Bolivar
50:52 Five years of hard work with the help of Eleonora and Johnny's father
54:39 Changes from 1965 – 1970, Johnny’s parents sell market gardens at Lockleys, subdivision of land