Oral History Australia SA/NT maintains a directory of oral historians who are able to undertake a wide range of paid consultancies or projects.  OHA SA/NT members have a range of skills and expertise which can be applied to historical research and other fields of interest.

To engage an oral historian, please contact a member who is listed in the directory to discuss your project and the associated fees. General information about what to expect regarding interviewing and transcription fees is available here.

The directory is compiled from information provided by members of OHA SA/NT.  Oral History Australia is made up of members who are interested in oral history and does not provide an accreditation system.  Therefore it is up to individuals to decide who is the best oral historian to undertake their project.

If you are a member of OHA SA/NT and would like your details added to the directory, please fill in this application form and forward it to contact@oralhistoryaustraliasant.org.au.

Alphabetical list of oral historians

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Biographical Info

Anne Johnson is a journalist by trade and works variously as a television and documentary producer, text and script writer, editor and consultant. She is a former national secretary of Oral History Australia. Her work is included in the Australian War Memorial repository and other national archives. She continues to conduct genealogical research. Her areas of interest include: military history, marine history (especially around the lower Murray in South Australia), indigenous histories and art. Anne has a 30-year record of producing for broadcast interviews with athletes and officials for Olympics as well as Commonwealth Games and Invictus Games and the horse racing industry.


  • oral history interviews
    • family history
    • history of clubs, associations or community and sporting groups
    • history of local communities, or regions
    • life history of individuals
    • memoirs
    • migrant histories (both individual and community)
    • government projects
  • research
    • genealogy
    • archival
  • publishing
    • consultant
    • text editing
    • design and layout
  • video
    • production consultant
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Biographical Info

Madeleine Regan is an experienced oral historian and writer. Her PhD, awarded in 2021, was based on oral histories with Italian market gardeners in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Her website features the oral history project which she began in 2007: http://venetimarketgardeners1927.net.

She has coordinated projects with individuals, migrant communities, local councils, small business owners, educational organisations and the National Trust of Port Adelaide and collaborated with the History Trust of South Australia. Madeleine has curated exhibitions using oral histories.

Madeleine’s research interests include oral history projects with migrants and other groups who are underrepresented in official records, local and community history projects.

Categories of experience and interest:

  • oral history interviews
    • family history
    • history of clubs, associations or community groups
    • history of local communities
    • history of organisations and businesses
    • life history of individuals
    • memoirs, particular of elderly people
    • migrant histories
    • local government projects


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Living Stories

Biographical Info

Alison Rogers has been recording people’s stories on film & audio for families, organisations and institutions through her business Living Stories since 2010.

She believes that some of the most intriguing stories may not heard because sometimes the right questions aren’t asked. She uses her experience as a journalist to collaborate with the interviewee to tell their story.

Starting as a journalist and broadcaster at the ABC, she has been working with people’s stories for more than 30 years. Alison is also a published author (The Natasha Factor: Politics, Media and Betrayal).

Alison has undertaken work for the Foundation for Hellenic Studies creating a film series on first generation Greek migrants, as well as councils and educational institutions.

Categories of experience and interest

Life history of individuals

History of educational institutions

History of organisations

Life history of couples

Character portraits – stories of individuals told by loved ones

History and stories of buildings

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Biographical Info

I consult and research as an independent Historical Archaeologist, Oral and Community Historian, Author and Genealogist. In 2014, I was awarded South Australian Emerging Historian of the year and have published several books with a focus on oral, local and community history.

I have had the privilege of interviewing veterans, migrants, Mayors, councillors, motor enthusiasts and older people with Dementia, where ethics and issues of memory are well considered and confidential.

Transcription of interviews are prepared in line with OHA guidelines at competitive rates, and publication of completed projects in a variety of formats can also be arranged. I also facilitate oral history and genealogy workshops, have created award winning exhibitions, and speak internationally on my work.

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Biographical Info

Sally is an experienced oral historian (both audio-only and video oral history) across most subject areas, but with particular interests in science (all areas), technology and industrial history, medicine, defence, environment and conservation, biography, education, local and urban history, and the arts.

Sally has extensive experience using oral history in interpretive projects (multimedia productions, brochures, books, signage, museum displays, websites, audio installations) and in a range of heritage and urban renewal projects.  Examples of her work are on her website.

Sally has been a member of Oral History Australia SA/NT since 2005, and Treasurer from 2011-2021.  She regularly runs introductory and advanced workshops for Oral History Australia SA/NT on a range of topics and gives presentations on oral history and its uses.


  • editing audio extracts
  • oral history interviews
    • family history
    • history of clubs, associations or community groups
    • history of local communities or regions
    • history of organisations or businesses
    • life history of individuals
    • memoirs, particularly of elderly people
  • presentations/seminars on oral history
  • project design
  • research
  • workshop presentations
  • writing
    • brochures and booklets
    • content for interpretive signs
    • content for museum displays
    • web content
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