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SA 175 Oral History Web Gateway Project

The web gateway comprises 20 oral history interviews that can be downloaded as audio files, full transcripts, or timed summaries. Each interview includes photographs of the interviewee and/or images related to their story. The interviews provide pathways into the life experiences of a diverse range of people from South Australia and the Northern Territory who were born between 1900 and 1977. Most interviews are an hour in length; some are excerpts from longer recordings. The original recordings are held in the collections of the State Library of South Australia, the Northern Territory Archives Service and the National Library of Australia.

Greek Migration Experience Project

The Greek Migration Experience (Oral histories of Greek migrants in South Australia during the 20th century) is a compilation of interviews and transcripts which have been produced and conducted by OEEGA (The Organisation of Hellene and Hellene-Cypriot Women of Australia, SA Inc) in 2012-2013 and is funded by the Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program 2012 – Sharing Community Heritage Stories.